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Beauty Capital


Beauty Capital Industrial Development Ltd. is a DAB/DAB+/Wi-Fi solution & manufacturing specialist registered in Hong Kong SAR, China and Huizhou city, China.Since 1999 with ISO9001-2000 certified R&D Center and manufacturing facilities with 36R&D staff and over 368 workers in both Huizhou city and Dongguan city.We’re here committed to bring customers a full range of certified products but not limit to ROHS, FCC, CE certifications, innovative, now-a-day technological digital DAB/DAB+/Wi-Fi products and we’re now one of the biggest digital radio manufacturers in the world.

In the past years, we invited the best talents in broadcasting and wireless telecommunication industry for enhancing our development capability, product quality, and strengthen our production facility. Now, BC has been a strong ODM/OEM designer & manufacturer also a strategic partner of leading digital broadcasting and distributors in the world by providing them quality digital multimedia DAB/DAB+/Wi-Fi devices. BC Products provide the best multimedia technologies and the widest range of available listening, high-quality sound, build quality, innovative product design, and ease of use. Every DAB/DAB+/Wi-Fi devices born from our factories have been distributed across the planet, and millions of people have been taken pleasure in our innovated, stylish, up-to-date, and cost competitiveness BC devices day by day.

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